Microsoft Company Analysis

Microsoft Company Analysis

Paper details:

Basic information (1page) A. Background and history of company and it ticker symbol B. Products/services produced and delivered C. Size, number of employees, market for common stock II. Industry (1page) Description of industry Industry analysis and outlook. Use value line, Morningstar and/or IBIS database III. Ratio analysis from MSN Money (select 2) (4-6 pages) a. Growth rates – select 2 b. price ratios – select 2 c. Profit margins – select 2 d. Financial health – select 2 e. managerial effectives – select 2 f. Discuss the 5 year trend in the AFCF (from bottom of each cash flow statement). IV. Indicate those factors which you found your research, that are most influential in causing the stock price to go up and down. In other words, to which 3 or 4 economic variables do you thing the stock price is most sensitive? Value Line and Morning star should be helpful (1/2 page) V. Make a recommendation for the stock. Indicate whether you would buy, sell or hold the stock long-term. (1/2 page) VI. Bibliography VII. Appendices-copies of ratios printed out from the MSN money site.

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