Micro-Hydro Power/Thermofluid.

Micro-Hydro Power/Thermofluid.

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Module Title:    Thermofluid.

Assignment Title:

Design Micro Multi propeller Hydro Power

Total = 3000 words in 3 parts

The Brief

Part 1 (60% of weighting)

A small community has approached you and has given you a task to create a working concept of renewable electricity for their area. They would like you to design and calculate the possibility of installing one of the hydropower.


A small community has managed to secure an approval from the council to build a water power generated to supply electricity for their houses.

The water stream is located near their area with a specification as follow (see figure 1:

•    Width of the stream is 2.7 metre
•    The highest part of the stream is 5.2 metre from the bottom stream
•    Then the stream falls 1.9 metre to the flat surface
•    The stream falls again for 3.3 meter down
•    The flow rate is 0.72 – 0.89 m/s
•    The water deep is 30 cm

Figure 1

The people from community are prepared to be very flexible on the design and location of the hydropower and would like you to design the system as a concept.

Your task will be:
•    The power generated will be generate 3kW
•    Conduct a deep research on micro hydro or full hydro
•    Create a design concept of the layout and location for the generator
Using word or power point drawing tools. (ONLY)
•    Determine the pipe diameter and location as well
•    Conduct a research on the turbine shape (Pelton, Francis or others)
•    The turbine MUST be multiple propeller.
•    Perform hand calculations based on the scenario above which then enable you to achieve the power required
•    Conduct a research on the generator to match with your calculation
•    Draw a sketch to show the overall design
Using word or power point drawing tools. (ONLY)

Part 2 (20% weighting, maximum 1000 words)

Conduct a critical analysis based on your result and optimise it if it is necessary

Part 3 (20% weighting, maximum 1000 words)

Based on your results, discuss the following points:

a)    The most appropriate turbine to be used.
b)    Conclusion
c)    Recommendations for the system design to achieve the aim and objectives set

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