MG5060: Final Project and Presentation

MG5060: Final Project and Presentation
In this final project, students will compare the financial strength of two organizations in order to reach a recommendation on investing. This project has multiple milestones throughout the class.
Milestone #1: Submit organizations that you will be using for this project.
Milestone #2: Copy of balance sheets and income statements for the most current three years of each of the companies. Do not submit the entire annual report, simply the balance sheet and income statement information.
Milestone #3: Excel spreadsheet with ratio analysis.
Milestone #4: Reference list of no less than five sources that pertain to market data that applies to the companies being compared. These resources need to be used in the final paper.
Final Project: Final Paper Submission and PowerPoint Presentation Week Six.
The scope of the project should include:
• A review of the three most current year’s financial statements and/or annual reports.
? An analysis of financial and market data for each of the companies
? A recommendation of the stock that should be purchased
? A copy of the balance sheet and income statement for each of the three years should be included as multiple appendices at the end of the paper
? Submission in correct APA format is required

• Final Paper
? The final paper analysis should be seven to nine pages in length and include:
o A brief review of each company
o Industry analysis and trends
o Analysis of the companies in light of the MacArthur reading. Discuss what evidence of integrity (as defined by MacArthur) is evident or not evident in the companies that you reviewed
o Major competitors and brief financial position analysis
o Organizational financial policies
o Analysis of the three years of financial information, including key ratio analysis
o Stock performance analysis
o Supported recommendation of stock acquisition

• Presentation
? The presentation should be 10-15 slides (or comparable in presentation format other than PowerPoint) submitted in Week Six that clearly summarizes your recommendation of the acquisition of the company’s stock.
? The use of the notes sections or inclusion of an audio presentation (can be embedded in PowerPoint) is required.

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