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Instructions: Please write about this company only- METROPOLITAN CHICAGO HEALTH COUNCIL . This paper will need an introduction and conclusion. All sections need to have a heading there is Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. Need 10 references total for this paper.

*I will upload Part 1 in additional documents. Part 1 is already completed.

Please use headers for Part 2: Statement of the Issue. There are 3 categories for this part. They are 1.) Basic Issue, 2.) Purpose, and 3.) Relationships. These all need headers. There is a description to each of these categories listed below.

Please use headers for Part 3: Literature Review. There are 2 categories for this part. They are 1.) Academic Resources and Relationships and 2.) Presentation and Review. There is a description to each of these categories listed below.

Please use headers for Part 4: Issue Analysis. There are 2 categories for this part. They are 1.) Analysis and 2.) Apply concepts. There is a description to each of these categories listed below.

Please use headers for Part 5: Issue Solutions. There are 2 categories for this part. They are 1.) Logical Solution and 2.) Pros and Cons. There is a description to each of these categories listed below.

Part 2: Statement of the Issue

This section should present an analysis of the major benefits issue or issues. It should include a statement of the specific benefit plan you are addressing. Some questions to ask when formulating the statement of issue include the following.
• Have I identified the basic issue or am I dealing with the symptoms?
• What is the point of the paper?
• If I have identified more than one issue, are the issues separate or related?

There are several sources from which the issues can be determined. They include business documents, such as employee surveys and competitive analysis reports; assessment questionnaires that can be created to probe for areas of benefit needs and employee desires; observations of how employees use or do not use their current benefits; and interviews with key management and selected employees to determine benefit issues.

Category Description
Basic issue Identifies the basic issue rather than the symptoms.
Purpose Describes the purpose of the paper and what will be accomplished.
Relationships Describes relationships between major and minor issues to be addressed.

Part 3: Literature Review

Address what was discovered in the search of relevant literature, related articles, and the employee benefit text, as well as what was discovered in Part 2. This means not only reviewing theories, concepts, and studies discussed in the text, but also reviewing websites and what other writers have to say about benefit plans.
It is critical that those completing questionnaires, being interviewed, or providing information in any other manner be assured that their responses will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will not be discussed in whole or in part to any member of the organization or outside the boundaries of the classroom. While you may use information obtained from HR-related websites, you must also obtain information from current scholarly journals, business publications, and newspapers. Ten or more outside resources or references are required.

Academic Resources and Relationships Identifies academic quality resources; identifies why resource is quality and explains the benefit of the resource and how it supports the resolution of the issue; shows relationships between different sources.
Presentation and Review Presented in a manner that tells a story and ties individual sources together; explains how the literature review relates to issue identified in the company.

Part 4: Issue Analysis

Here we are bringing Parts 2 and 3 together. This section should provide a detailed analysis of the benefits issue that was identified in Part 2. A major objective is to clearly illustrate how the concepts of the course and gained knowledge of benefits are being used, as well as to show what was learned from the literature review. Show that you are applying course material.

Analysis Describes issue analysis and relates to previous discussions from literature review.
Apply concepts Describes how concepts from the course help identify the true issue.

Part 5: Issue Solutions

Create a developmental strategy. Offer several solutions or options that are appropriate for the benefits issue or issues. The solutions should follow logically from the analysis. The expected outcomes, positive and negative, should be addressed.

Logical Solution Develops a logical solution based on the literature review and class information.
Pros and Cons Identifies all feasible solutions and provides pros and cons of each.

The Course Project is designed to provide you with a real-life practical application of an organization’s human resource benefits program. You will create a written analysis of a real-world organization’s benefit plan design with suggested opportunities for improvement that use the concepts and knowledge introduced in this course.

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