Mental health



Develop a theoretical and applied understanding of ONE of the topics/issues as set out below: Mental Health. PART A. ARTICLE SUMMARY AND REVIEW (20 marks) You are required to find four to five relevant articles from scholarly journals relating to your specialisation topic. The articles should relate directly to your topic area and must be articles from peer-reviewed, academic journals. Your review should not merely summarise the key points of your articles. Rather, your review should compare, contrast and critique the ideas adopted in the various articles. For example, compare the strengths and weaknesses of each article’s approach, assess any biases or limitations of the studies. Compare and contrast the arguments and assumptions embedded in your different source materials (i.e. managerialism vs. Critical Management Studies or stakeholder perspectives). Approach the topic from various points of view: Whose voices are dominant or missing? What are the implications? What are the new emerging questions?


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