Mental Disorders in the Criminal Justice System

Mental Disorders in the Criminal Justice System

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the purpose of the essay is to integrate and apply theoretical perspectives to resolve dilemmas involving the concept of mental disorder in the criminal justice system.

FIRST: read attached article: READ 1ST “The fledgling psychopath” by Ramsland.
SECOND: Answer question provided at bottom of the same file (READ 1ST “The fledgling psychopath” by Ramsland).

The question is:
“This statement is consistent with proposals that have been brought forward in the medical and scientific literature for extending the construct of “psychopathy” to younger populations (children and adolescents). These proposals are typically based on the following elements: 1) It is unlikely that people become psychopaths starting in adulthood, therefore juveniles “at risk” for developing the syndrome should be identified as soon as possible and treated in order to decrease the risk of future criminality, 2) similar social, psychological and biological patterns have been found in children identified as “psychopathic” and their adults counterparts, 3) methods available for assessing psychopathy in children, such as the Psychopathy Screening Device, show the same basic dimensions as the PCL-R.
Propose a critique of the extension of psychopathy to juvenile populations. You should base your critique on conceptual (theory-based) as well as socio-legal considerations (1 page each).”

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