Mendel’s experiments




Mendel did experiments where he kept track of seed color
(yellow or green). First, he created true breeding lines: parents
with green seeds produced offspring with green seeds, and parents
with yellow seeds produced offspring with yellow seeds. When he
crossed yellow with green peas from these true-breeding lines (F0 generation), all
of the offspring were yellow.
a) For the peas what is the gene? And what are the alleles?
b) How many plants in the F1 generation are green?

c) What is the phenotype of the F1 generation?
d) When he crossed members of the F1 generation what was the phenotypic ratio?
e) If he crossed plants 800 times from the F1 generation how many would be green?
f) What is the phenotypic ratio of the F2 generation?
g) What would be the genotypic ratio had he backcrossed members of the
F1 generation with individuals from the true green breeding line?
h) If he did this 100 times approximately how many of the plants would be green?

2) Describe the concept of the Lamarkian inheritance of acquired characteristics, and explain why you think it is incorrect.


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