MEMO: Address memo to a person

Write a well-written five page memo
Avoid useless qualifies like actually, absolutely, use active voice- not passive voice

Write a memo to Jared Kusher, the President’s designated point person on the issue recommending how to deal with the Middle-East peace process. Should the Trump Administration hold to the position of past presidents, who envisioned agreed upon land swaps as the basis for a two state solution? How can this Administration deal with settlement expansion and the calls from some in Israel to abandon the two-state idea, and the future of Jerusalem which the President has now recognized as Israel’s capital? What was the fallout of the decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem? Does it make it more difficult (impossible?) to negotiate with the Palestinians? How does this issue relate to the Trump Administration’s attitudes toward Saudi Arabia, the Gulf State and Iran? Take account of domestic political pressures, and how they limit the range of choices. In political terms, would the failure to make a deal hurt Trump in 2020, or help him?

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