Medium-stakes assignment (Navy in Vietnam)

Topic: Medium-stakes assignment (Navy in Vietnam)

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a university student from United States. The English class that I am taking right now is a bit different with other university level English classes. Before you start working on my assignment, I want you to read the class description of my class. Course Description: Texting the World brings together literary and nonliterary texts and considers how the same theme plays through them via analysis, evaluation, and creation of said texts. This particular section of ENG 200 is devoted to the theme of The Sea. Artists and writers have long found inspiration from the sea. In this course, we’ll examine representations of the sea throughout history, with an emphasis on contemporary and classical literature, as well as art, poetry, scholarship, and film. Through reading, writing, and discussion, we’ll consider the ways the sea, and what it encompasses and represents, can allow artists and writers to explore the human condition and show us something about our own values, attitudes, and beliefs. Assignments are designed to help you use writing as a learning tool and to improve your written communication abilities. You will be asked to complete a variety of low-, medium-, and high-stakes assignments, including informal writing tasks, collaborative in-class work, and longer written assignments, in order to help you become adept at analyzing texts and conveying ideas through writing. This course is situated in the following three core domains: • Aesthetic and Artistic Thinking • Oral, Written, and Visual Communication • Social, Ethical, and Historical Thinking After you read the course description and three core domains, you will know what are we concentrating in this English class. This order is a one-page response paper. Please read The U.S. Navy in the Vietnam War. I uploaded that in attachment file. Also read insight docx, insight-sellers, energy principles, tension sellers, imagery-moby-dick 3, and character. This is a medium-stakes assignment. In this assignment you will need to respond to the reading about the role of the U.S. Navy in the Vietnam War, and you MUST apply the literary devices I have downloaded (insight docx, insight-sellers, energy principles, tension sellers, imagery-moby-dick 3 and character), and identify how these literary devices are used throughout the reading. You DON’T need any out side resources in this assignment. The main point of this response paper is explaining how these literary devices are used in that reading about the U.S. Navy in the Vietnam War.

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