Medical Sociology Final Exam

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Please answer both questions in 2 five pages each:

1. On page 39, Abraham writes, “Not only do the poor get sicker by the sicker get poorer.” For this question, first explain Abraham’s statement, 2. Using Abraham, Timmermans and Buchbinder, and Fadiman readings, provide examples of how sickness and socio-economic status interrelate, 3. Using the class reading and discussion explain how the relationship between sickness and poverty is structured in US health care.

2. General Focus of the 2nd 5 pages: Drawing from the readings and class discussions, examine how the socialization of physicians may create recurring dilemmas in patient care, patient-doctor interaction, managing disability, and cultural-structural competency. Question 1: Describe how the socialization of physicians reinforces a particular medical perspective. 2. Next, examine how this perspective generates recurring dilemmas within health care institutions. 3. How do patients view these issues? How do health care providers see these issues? 4. How are the dilemmas usually resolved? 5. What can be done to bring a stronger patient perspective to bear on these dilemmas?

The purpose of these the questions are the test the understanding and the utilization of Abraham’s book “Mama might be better off dead,” Fadiman’s book, “”The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, ” and the class readings attached. The purpose is to use all of the necessary readings in the answering of each question.

These is no introduction of conclusion necessary and this does not need to flow like a essay.

For example: Each question should be treated as two separate 5 page responses:

Question 1 Should immediately start with sub question one, which should be clearly identified with a heading, then sub question 2 should get a heading and be answered, then sub question 3 should get a sub-heading and be answered. The three sub questions should take and equal portion of the 5 pages allocated to question 1.

Question 2 should then immediately start with its answer to its first sub question, which should have it heading. Then answer the following 4 sub-questions, which need to also have their perspective headings. These questions should also take equal portions of the 5 pages allocated to question 2. The general focus should be addressed in answering the five sub-questions.
Each question should have its own bibliography for the quotations and paraphrasing that are used.

No addition research is necessary other than the 2 books listed and the articles attached, it is essential that as many of the relative sources are adequately quoted and paraphrased to best answer the question. Important to have both quotes and paraphrasing citations


The Two Necessary books for the essay are:
“Mama Might be Better off Dead” by Laurie Abraham
“The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures” by Anne Fadiman
Additional Article:

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