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2) Answer the following questions in an essay format. Who are the zapatistas and where their land is located? What are they rebelling against? What is their idea of how land should be managed? In what ways do they feel they are threatened by NAFTA? How do their maize fields look different from our corn fields here in Minnesota? Which of the two is the more productive landscape as far as corn harvest? Which seems more biologically diverse? What did the government of Mexico do in response to zapatistas’ demands? Who were some of the victims of this conflict?

3) Use Google Earth to look up some landscape views of the countryside around Tuxtla, the capital of Chiapas state. Comment specifically on how such landscape is similar to any rural landscape you are familiar with? How is it different from rural Minnesota? What is apparently grown in the landscape (if anything)? What do people do? Is there any evidence of communal agriculture or does it seem like a landscape dominated by a few wealthy landowners? Use at least two specific landscape photos to answer this taken from two different locations.

4) Overall, what does Zapatistas conflict illustrate for our course? Can this conflict be resolved, in your opinion, and if so, how?

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