media studies

Topic: media studies

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Assignment brief:
Note, observe and reflect on a range of media you encounter over 2 consecutive days e.g. radio, TV, internet, cinema, newspapers, advertising, etc.
Please focus on 2 types of media per day minimum and consider each in detail.

You should:
o discuss content
o analyse content
o reflect on the messages conveyed by the media
o discuss who these messages are aimed at
o discuss what possible effect these messages might have
o discuss agendas that you might identify in the text(s)

You should choose a two-day period when you know you will encounter lots of media examples, and allow time to choose the four you will focus on, then reflect upon, research and analyse them. This is an important element of your CA this semester – it is not acceptable to submit work that is shoddy or inadequate. Re-read the bullet points outlined above as you complete this assignment to make sure you are keeping to the brief.

You are expected to question what you encounter over these days. It’s not about just listing what you see or hear, but showing that you are able to critically engage with media forms and messages. As ever, please note that plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in a fail grade.

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