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Media report

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Select an environmental sustainability issue from either Asia or the Pacific (excluding Australia, New Zealand and the USA) that has featured since 2014. Trace media coverage of the issue over several weeks. Describe the location and nature of the issue, its development and its significance to
the peoples, regions or nations concerned.
NB: It is likely that you will need to search beyond media sources for information to describe the historical background to your selected issue. You should include copies of media articles used as the basis for this assignment when you submit. All resources should be properly referenced both in text and in a reference list.

Marking guidelines which need to be fulfilled for the research report:

• Grasp of the topic – An overall assessment will be made of your understanding of the ramifications, significance and implications of the assigned work. This will include assessment of the extent to which the requirements of the assignment were met; the choice of interpretation of topic; or the approach to the topic.
• Evidence of wider reading – You will need to demonstrate the ability to locate and apply a wide range of source material appropriate to the topic or field of inquiry under question. Try to consult a range of literature and consider a variety of perspectives. Note: Please do not rely only on the World Wide Web as a source of information for assignments. No consistent refereeing system exists for information placed on web sites, so you should check for accuracy of information by using a wide range of sources. You should only use websites of reputable organisations as sources of information and you should ensure that all web addresses used as information sources are included in your references
• Organisation – Try to make sure your ideas are logically presented and an argument is cogently presented. An assignment in essay form should be a well-organised, coherent discussion including an introduction, body and conclusion.
• Relevance of Information and Use of Appropriate Supporting Evidence – It is important for students to be able to discriminate in selection of information, excluding irrelevant issues and information. It is also important to avoid the use of unsupported generalisations. You must provide evidence to support your arguments and the conclusions you reach.
• Analysis and Original Thought – This criterion assesses your ability to interpret material, to apply concepts, to analyse material, to acknowledge limitations and to draw valid conclusions.
• Consistency and Logic of Argument – Consistency of argument is an essential feature of a good paper. It is also important that your stated conclusions are logically based on the premises and assumptions made, and on the evidence presented.
• Communication Skills – The ability to communicate is clearly important. This includes appropriate word choice, and appropriate sentence and paragraph construction.
• Attention to Detail – Presentation of the assignment, including page numbering, careful proof reading, correct spelling, layout, and the appropriate use and labelling of maps, tables and diagrams are important. You should strive to avoid mechanical errors and to ensure accuracy in details such as spelling and punctuation.
• Careful referencing – The assignment should include internal referencing of all quotes and materials referred to, as well as a complete bibliography at the end of the assignment.

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