Media marketing statistics

Media marketing statistics will give you the vision you need to improve your plan, check your account’s statistics [ex: Twitter analytics, Instagram Insights] and attach a screenshot to your report.

▪ After that, you must analyze the company’s use of the social media by examining their presence on the following social media platforms:




Company Posts


Average response time to feedback

Platform 1

Platform 2

Platform 3

Note: you can use any free online Sentiment Analysis tools to evaluate your social media presence.

Social media benchmarking [3 marks]

▪ Review the social media accounts of five local competitors and pay attention to their tone and personality and analyze your competition’s social media platforms, base your analysis on what you’ve observed on your competitor’s social media accounts across all platforms.

For each competitor answer the following questions:

▪ How your competitors use each platform?

▪ What type of content are they posting? And social media platforms used?

▪ What content is getting the highest engagement [e.g. retweet, likes, comments]?

▪ How many followers do they have?

▪ How often do they post [daily, weekly or monthly]?

▪ Do they respond to comments? And how?

▪ Are your competitors successful on these platforms?

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