Media City And Cultural Capital

Media City And Cultural Capital

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CUL020C911S Media City, Cultural Capital
Mahara Portfolio – Assessment Guidelines
Mahara is a software that allows you to write introductory texts, upload pictures, videos and/or presentations and post blogs. The site may look like the one below, offering the reader to interactively navigate through it by clicking on the green links of the blog posts or embedded videos:

Your assessment for the module will be to construct such a Mahara site, filling it with content related to the module’s key readings, the ideas and arguments discussed in our interactive sessions, and the visits you have been on. You are free to explore these things creatively through videos, pictures and blogs, deciding yourself on the weighting of each means of expression and each task. Overall, your work should be equivalent to at least 3000 words.

For guidance a list with a choice of some concrete tasks and other potential contributions to your site will be set out as part of the weekly schedule listed on this module’s Moodle site. You are expected to work on this continuously throughout the term. The site will be officially assessed after the final deadline. The deadline for submission is 2pm Wednesday 29th April 2015. You should include on your site a short introductory text to direct the assessor to sections on your site that you think are particularly good.

Things you could put on your Mahara site to help you engage with the module:

? Key definitions of theoretical concepts
? Short summaries of the key readings [noting in particular author’s main argument(s)]
? Reflective blogs or vlogs (video blogs) stating your opinion on the themes/issues covered on the module
? Reflective blogs/vlogs about the visits you have been on
? Pictures to support or to challenge a theoretical idea, theme or issue covered on the module
? Short film clips that support or challenge theoretical ideas, theme or issue covered on the module
? Short reflective statements the visits you have been on

Note: Your Mahara site overall can exceed 2,500 words. But please make sure that individual written contributions do not exceed 800 words (they can be shorter of course) and video blogs should be no longer than 8 minutes (they can be much shorter of course). If you have difficulties with limits or weightings, please come and see me to discuss.
Marking criteria for Mahara portfolio
? Understanding and awareness of the learning outcomes outlined in the module booklet;
? Evidence of reading and research undertaken;
? Evidence of critical reflection;
? Clear presentation of ideas and arguments;
? Layout, spelling, grammar and referencing.
Please note that you will still need to include bibliographical details!
Hand-in: via Mahara only via this module’s Moodle site.
Deadline: 2pm Thursday 30th April 2015.

EXAMPLES (Styles )OF THIS ASSIGNMENT : ( other students work of mahara)

EX 1 :
EX 2 :

Reflective learning blog using Mahara open source e-portfolio (approx. 3000 words) [100%]
Deadline: 12 pm Wednesday 29th April 2015

Module Rationale
This module will offer students an overview of the media and creative industries in London. It showcases the teaching and research expertise of staff at Roehampton working across the areas of Journalism & News Media and Media & Culture. This module will introduce students to topics ranging from the BBC and London’s newspaper industry, to London’s art and culture scene and the Olympic park. Incorporating a mixture of both class based sessions and visits, this module explores some of London’s cultural arena and encourages students to draw on their own experience in order to make connections between what they see, know and read. This module also offers students the opportunity to gain some practical skills in the areas of Journalism & News Media and Media & Culture. Students will gain a familiarity with the capital city and encounter theories, concepts and practical skills that will prepare them for further study in Media and Arts based subjects.

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