Project description
RESEARCH PROJECT: Proposed Format, Sentence Outline, Presentation & Paper.

STATE RESEARCH QUESTION and MASS COMMUNICATIONS THEORY(ies) you apply to your examination of question.
DEFINE PROBLEM IN MEDIA and PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP ADDRESSED in YOUR RESEARCH QUESTION and WHY IT IS IMPORTANT IN OUR SOCIETY. (good to define what you are seeking to do and what you are not- this is referred to as RESEARCH LIMITATIONS).
YOUR RESEARCH APPROACH and METHODOLOGY Describe what you will do to explore and try to answer your research question, in addition to your literature review of other research that has explored this problem with MEDIA and the PUBLIC.

LITERATURE REVIEW This is a review of other scholars peer reviewed and published research sources, that you examined for the project and that also provided knowledge you will use to help answer your research question and/or develop possible solutions to the problem that you defined. Write drafts of Introduction, Literature Review and Bibliography sections of your paper.

RESEARCH RESULTS – Detail what you found from your research methodology and how you interpret its meaning in the context of your research question and any implications for your chosen focus on the media and the public relationship.

ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSION Analyze the results of your research describe what is means for our US society. What do your results or findings answer in your research question and what do they leave unanswered. Conclusion should propose further research areas and recommend possible solution strategies for the problems that underlie your research question. Also share any final thoughts about your research.

Evaluation Criteria (AEJMC based)

1.Purpose of the paper is clearly stated. This includes problem definition and statement about why and how problem will be addressed in research. Research question is formed as focus of research and paper.
2.The literature review is adequate. Sources are good representation of scholarship relevant to your research.
3.Research method is clearly described. Provide details of what you plan to do and how you will accomplish research goals.
4.Research method is appropriate and effective.
5.The evidence is good and related to the purpose of the paper. Work in the paper maintains focus on proposed problem and research question.
6.Evidence is presented clearly.
7.Conclusions are related directly to the purpose of the paper.
8.The evidence supports the conclusions of the paper.
9.The subject represents a significant direction for communication research.
10.Paper is organized effectively
11.The writing is good.



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