Mechanisms by which incompatible red cells may be cleared from the circulation.

ONPS2361 Advanced Transfusion and Transplantation Science information:

Tutorial paper. For this tutorial you are required to submit a written paper that is 2000 +/-200 words using Times Roman 12 pt font and one and a half line spacing.

The topic of your paper is – Mechanisms by which incompatible red cells may be cleared from the circulation.

This topic has been prompted by the following recent publication.
Liepkalns JS, Hod EA, Stowell SR, Cadwell CM, Spitalnik SL, Zimring JC. Biphasic clerarance of incompatible red cells through a novel mechanism requiring neither complement nor Fc? receptors in a murine model. Transfusion 2012;52:2631-2645

Your submission should have a front page that indicates the following: Student number and name, course code and name, topic title and submission date. The paper does not have to be referenced in the text however you should conclude a final page with a brief bibliography indicating the sources you have used in researching the topic. The format for references in your bibliography should follow the Vancouver referencing style. If you are not familiar with this style the above reference is in that format. You can get further details on referencing formats through the RMIT library website.

You should complete a coversheet making sure to sign the declaration indicating that this is your own work and all content is presented in your own words. Note that your submission will be via TurnitIn in Blackboard by Sunday 20th March, 2016 midnight.

We wont be discussing it in the tutorial in week three as I have given an extended time to complete the task. We will focus tutorial three on compatibility testing papers and questions below.


ONPS2361 Advanced transfusion and transplantation science tutorial paper one.
Student name:…………………………………………..
Student number:……………………………………….
Title page, word limit 2000+/- 200 words, neat and tidy work in correct logical order. Proof read for typographical and grammatical errors.
Marks 2
Background information.
Clearly identify issues.
State how you will discuss the topic.
Marks 4
1. Points raised on each topic area.
2. Points for well articulated discussion.
3. Points of relevance to each topic.
4. Points for critical analysis of each topic.
Marks 10
1. Points for conclusion raised for topic.
2. Future directions.
Marks 2
Reference list
1. Reference list formatted correctly.
2. References cited correctly (in text).-in Vancouver style.
3. References cited within the last 5 years.
4. Bibliography: not cited but shows depth and breadth of reading.
Marks 2
Final Grade

Marks /20.

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