Measuring Levels of Economic Development

Measuring Levels of Economic Development
This is a paper from economic geography course.
However, even though it is a APA format 4 pages paper, it isn’t a normal paper.
It is because it consists of two parts. For each parts you need to answer the questions and fill out the chart (I will upload all of them for you).
You need to do a lot of research on ten countries in total about their information.

First, you need to read the text material that I upload for you in order to get the main ideas of the chapter (it is the chapter one of the whole textbook, about 20 pages).
Secondly, you need to read the paper instruction carefully (because the instruction is a little bit complex).
When you write the paper, you need to be very careful with the format because this class is a writing intensive class. (That means: for the succeed of this paper, proper format, grammar and spelling have to meet the requirement. I will upload the requirements for you. My professor is very strict. so please read them carefully before you write the paper.)
Then, you can start writing the paper.

Also, for part one, if you follow the paper instruction, it says that You should have approximately one large paragraph of discussion for each country. That means you need to write approximately three and a half page in total (three countries per page). For part two, you can just write half or one page.

In addition, in part one of the paper, you not only need to answer the question, but also need to fill out a classification table that I upload for you for each of the ten countries. (It is really easy)
For the source of this paper, you need to find at least one source for each of these ten countries. Plus, you need to use the source provided from the paper instruction (, CIA Factbook, the websites provided in your textbook on page 243.) Don’t worry, I will upload page 243 of my textbook for you. Therefore, you need to have about 15 sources in total for this paper.

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