Meantime Brewery (UK)


Meantime brewery is a business based in the UK and the country we chose for it to expand is germany. Since this is a group project my part of the work is listed below please focus on the list Please focus on • Literature Review • Business Strategy Development • Reflections • References • Appendix I will also attach the briefs for the assignment

The group project is, based on real world information, to help an existing business to develop its international business. You have minimum 3 and maximum 4 members in each group. Different members take the lead on different group activities on voluntary bases and share the work in-between your members.

You study a business. Based on its current products and status, identify a potential international market(s) for this company. You create a business plan for it to enter and to perform in the selected market(s). In the plan, you design entry, marketing, operations and HR strategies, on the consideration of the resources and the constraints the business currently has, the resources it needs and the social/cultural background in that country. You are expected to use the knowledge you have learned from the lectures/seminars and from your own research as the guidance for your practice. You are also strongly suggested to use your practice to challenge the theories. The key to success is insight, synthesis, innovation and creativity. Please bear in mind – this is not just about export!
Task two – Group Project Report (80% of the total marks)
This task is for you to complete your business report. You need to do a proper literature review before developing each business strategy. You need to develop international strategies for the company you chose in your proposal, on the consideration of the resources you need, the limitation you have and the social/cultural background in the targeted market(s).
Word count – 3000 words per person. This is exclusive of the reference list and the appendix.
Submission – Sunday, 13 May 2018, 23.59 to Turnitin only.
Section One – develop your project and report
• Literature Review
• Business Strategy Development
• Reflections
• References
• Appendix

Title Page – report title, module information (module code and name), personal information (student name, student number), submission date (the final submission date, the date you upload to Minerva. The latest will be Sunday, 13 May, 2018 at 23.59 in Turitin only)
• Have a good title – your report title should tell the reader what the report is about, it needs to be clear, short, and focused. Preferable, it is also interesting and attractive
• Have a nice design – neat, smart, attractive (be careful of using colours)
Executive summary – this is a short summary your business project. It normally provides the answers to the following questions.
1. What is the background of this report?
2. How did you do it?
3. What did you achieve?

Hint: the summary should be brief, clear and focused. It should only include a profile of your story. If your readers want to know the details of your report, they should go to read the main content.
The length for the abstract is suggested to be 300 to 500 words.

This section will be written after you complete the report. Please pay attention to the tense you use when writing this item. As you write it after the completion of the project, it cannot be in future tense.

Table of Contents – present the headings and subheadings and page number of each heading and subheadings. You may use Microsoft Word – References – Table of Contents function. It creates a table of contents automatically. On “Home” of Microsoft word, you choose different format for each layer of headings. For example
Chapter 1 (use Heading 1)
1.1 (use Heading 2)
1.1.1 (use Heading 3)
Chapter 2 (use Heading 1)
2.1 (use Heading 2)
Chapter 3 (use Heading 1)

Insert page number
Then go to References-Table of Contents, click one of the “Automatic Table”, you will have a table of contents created. You can update it at any time after making changes to your report. You can also use different font and size for different layer of headings but for the same lay of headings, the font and size should be the same.
1. Brief your business plan
Use about 800 words to describe your business plan. Send this to the company for them to comment. The feedback should be added in section 4. Reflection)
2. Literature Review
Study and present the key theories, models and/or frameworks of International Business with a focus on entry strategies, international marketing strategies, international operations strategies and international human resource strategies. The purpose of this literature review is to set up a theoretical underpinning for your project. Critically analysing and evaluating the literature is desirable where necessary. Suggested length for this section is about 2000 words. This section needs to be developed along with the module sections.

3. Business Strategy Development
Explain your business strategies
3.1 Entry strategies
3.2 Marketing strategies (may include public relations where applicable)
3.3 Operations strategies
3.4 Human Resources strategies
3.5 Finance strategies (optional)
* CSR and cultural issues should be embedded in your strategies where applicable.
Use references and evidences to support your discussions.
4. Reflection
a. Reflect upon the company’s feedback, which should be presented in the Appendix. Do you agree or disagree with their comments? How do you revise this business plan to cope with the company’s comments, suggestions or desires?
b. Briefly explain the job allocation between you and the strategy you uses to manage this project. Did you manage to complete your work in an active and timely manner and in good quality? Did you achieve your goals? What could have done better?

In-text reference should be given wherever you cite a source.
End of paper reference list should be properly presented in accord with Harvard referencing system.
Appendix – anything that is too long, too much, and is not very relevant to be written in the report, but you would like your reader to know it as supplementary information, you may put it in the appendix
You need to reference properly for your report. It must be in Harvard style. You need to carefully read what you have written in your report before submitting the final report in order to keep the consistency between different writers. I strongly suggest you refine your final report by each member at least one time, before the submission.
Section Two Report Writing – Format
You may format your report in this way
• Front page – on a separate page
• Executive Summary – on a separate page (input page number from here, not the front page)
• Table of Contents – on a separate page
• 1. Brief your business plan (start on a new page)
1.1 Introduction and background of this report
1.2 Business Strategies

• 2. Literature Review (start on a new page)
• 3. Business Strategy Development (start on a new page)
• 4. Reflections
• Reference (start on a new page)
• Appendix (start on a new page)

Section Three Report Writing – use of language
• Use formal and simple language
• Avoid the use of unnecessary jargons
• Avoid the use of subjective language (such as extremely, wonderful, brilliant, etc)
• Avoid the use of spoken language (such as “you can see…”, “you will find…”, etc)
• Write as a group, use “we” instead of “I”
• Active or passive?
– The active voice (first person) allows you to write short, punchy sentences
– The passive voice (third person) is more formal, objective and is suggested for most of academic writings
You may choose to use either active voice or passive voice but do not mix the two up and keep the consistency throughout your report.

Section Four Marking criteria
You will need to demonstrate that all group members are actively involved in the research, the development of your business and the presentation of your project. You will be given time to work on your project in seminars. A group area will also be set up in Minerva for you to use to conduct off-campus discussions. You are expected to use these two means efficiently and effectively and to maximum reduce the extra time you need to meet outside of the classes. As you may find that, many of the times, it is not easy to find a time when everybody is free. Accordingly, you are required to keep a group log book, which provides evidences of the research you have undertaken, together and individually. It should also provide a record of your group activities and attendance. This group log book may be regularly checked and assessed by the module tutor when needed. When requesting a peer-review session, the log book should be used to judge group/individual performance.
Nevertheless, you may still need to set aside extra time outside of the classes to do your project together. It is likely you and your team members will have other academic and social commitments, so it is essential you plan your meetings in advance to ensure everyone is available. Time management is a critical study skill.
Marks will be awarded for:
• The depth of the research and the quality of the business development formally presented in your report and in your presentation. In particular, it is expected that you should:
• The arguments/observations you selected are diversified.
• A good integration of the literature into your business practice.
• A good demonstration on your ability of critically analysing and synthesising the sources; making insightful arguments; and showing independent thinking based on your research.
• A good demonstration of creativity and innovation in your business plan.
• Draw on a number of different sources of information, such as textbooks, journal articles, quality newspapers and other topical sources;

• The quality of teamwork displayed by your group’s log book and the design and the delivery of your presentation. In particular, it is expected that you should:
• Demonstrate that you have worked as a team when doing the project;
• Ensure that all team members are engaged and are involved to an equal degree in the delivery of this project;
• Identify the group members’ contributions to the activities;
• Ensure that the presentation is clearly communicated to the audience.

Please pay attention: this is a group activity and you will be awarded the same mark as a group. It is expected that all group members will fully contribute to the research and the presentation. However, peer-review session can be held on request after the grades are released. If your group members and your tutor feel that you have not contributed sufficiently to your group project, you may be marked separately and you may FAIL this part of the assessment. If you fail, you will have to present your individual contribution at a later date and you will receive a maximum mark of 40%.

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