MBAA 621 Information Systems Project Management.

MBAA 621 Information Systems Project Management.

Research Paper Guidelines

The research paper will be written in the first eight weeks of the course. The research paper will be the final course product and will be due last day of module eight.

Specific guidance on the research paper submission is provided below:

A 12-15 page (excluding appendices, table of contents, abstract, reference, and bibliography) research paper (case study) is required. This paper represents 42.55% of the final course grade. Note: 80% of the research paper grade is based on content (research and content), and 20% of the research paper grade is based on format (presentation, fluency and voice, and organization). Students will select a Management Information System project to simulate either a development or implementation. This paper will be prepared consistent with the current APA version 6 Manual and will have a minimum of ten different references (No Wiki’s or Pedia’s, points will be take away if used). Some of the bibliography and references will most likely come from actual system’s developer or organization where it will be implemented. As such this reduces the need for peer reviewed sources. However, peer reviewed sources are still important and should be listed in the bibliography/reference section(s) and cited in the paper as appropriate. This paper is due the last day of module eight.

In addition, the research paper will be prepared consistent with the following guidelines:

1.    This serves as an introduction to the Research Paper. Provide an overview of the research design of the paper. Introduce the various topics that will be addressed in the research paper. Identify the method(s) that will be used to collect the data for the topics and how that data will be evaluated.
2.    There will be a brief discussion of the setting about the system development or implemented. Provide all development systems requirements, procurement, planning, schedule, budget, resources and earned value approach.
3.    Include a Work Breakdown System (WBS) for effective budget management.
4.    Discuss about challenges and possible risks and risk mitigation plan.
5.    The discussion should provide a brief summary of the project development or implementation, the conclusions you have reached, and your recommendations based upon your research.
6.    Organize your research paper to logically flow and address all requirements. This research paper will be graded on both content and format.
7.    The paper must be applicable to any aerospace organization and system examples may be such as Product Data Managers, Computer Aided Design (CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS), MANUGISTCS System, data warehouse systems, Material Resource Planning (MRP) systems, etc.
8.    In addition to the software developer’s available information obtain other literary sources or trade business sources such as Harvard Business Review, using the Hunt Library sources.
9.    Provide a table of content with headings that lists the page number(s) in your research paper where the answers to requirements 1-7 can be found.

This research paper is due the last day of the course. Use the assignment link in Module 9 to submit your paper. Make sure you thoroughly proofread and review your paper, as you will only be able to submit this paper once.


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