Math precalculus
(i) Determine if the following functions are even, odd, or neither. Show your algebraic justification for each. (4pts)
(ii) Graph each functions using a graphing calculator or using an online graphing tool (such as Provide a sketch or screenshot of your graphs and identify the symmetry for each. (4pts)

a) 𝑓(π‘₯)=βˆ’(|π‘₯|βˆ’14π‘₯- +7 )

b) 𝑔(π‘₯)=1)23 √256(

Question 2: Create.

(a) Create your own piecewise-defined function to model a real-life situation such as your commute, a monthly salary (example #9, and problem #87 on page 212) or a cell phone plan (problem #88 page 212). State the function’s equation and give a description of the function stating the input and output of your function. (6 pts)

(b) Sketch an accurate graph of your newly-created function using appropriate axes values. (Note that in some cases it’s appropriate to use non-integer values for the independent variable.) Include values where the function changes. (4 pts)
(c) Evaluate the piecewise function at three values and interpret what these points represent in the context of your problem. (6 pts)

(d) Identify the domain and range appropriate for your problem situation. Write your answers using set-builder notation. (4 pts)
(e) State where the function is increasing, decreasing or constant using interval notation. (section 1.7 page 205) (4 pts.)

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