Mary Barnett Trial Handout

Mary Barnett Trial Handout

For this essay, you will write an essay in which you evaluate the Mary Barnett case covered in the handout above. The essay will be 3-4 pages in MLA document format. There will be no revision of this essay. The paper you turn in will be the final draft.

For the essay you should have:

An introduction that briefly relates the main details of what happened and the main people involved. Assume the reader has never heard of the case, and you are giving them a quick summary. Explain that you were asked to be on the jury for this trial in class and that you need to evaluate the witnesses and evidence to reach a verdict.

Six body paragraphs, one for each witness, that outline the strengths and weaknesses of each witness, how much of their testimony is opinion or speculation vs. facts, if they show bias or are objective, and generally what you thought of the quality of that witness. Make sure you cover all the witnesses well.

One concluding paragraph where you discuss what evidence was most important in helping you reach your final verdict. Explain clearly what your reasons were for coming to the verdict that you did. You can vote whether you think she is guilty or not guilty of second degree murder, but you are also free to suggest another charge more suitable in your opinion.

If you use direct wording from the handout, be sure that you put it in quotation marks. You can use “I” in this essay, as it is your own opinion and ideas about the case.


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