Markets and Competition Policy


The course is called Markets and Competition policy and the course book is Simon Bishop and Mike Walker (2010) The Economics of EC Competition Law, London: Sweet and Maxwell, Third Edition.
The assignment should include references from the book. I don’t know the length of the assignment yet so i will make an order for five pages and if need i will add more pages

Final Assignment
Consider the decision of the European Commission in case AT.39824 – Trucks (19 April 2016).
1. Concisely describe the case and the decision in the case.
a. What are the essential facts in the case?
b. Describe the decision in the case.
2. Present an economic analysis of the decision in the case.
a. Explain whether the behaviour of the “truck producers” in the case can be expected to harm competition and consumers.
b. Analyse the economic implications of the decision.
• Weighing: part 1 20%, part 2a 30%, part 2b 50%
• Deadline: 18 June 2018, 9 AM
o Upload word file via Turnitin
• Maximum number of words: 1750 (including references etc.)
o 1751 < number of words < 1900: reduction 1 point
o If the number of words exceeds 1900: insufficient

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