Marketing Questions

Marketing Questions

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LP3.1 Assignment: End-of-Chapter Exercises

Complete the following exercises at the end of each chapter:

Ch 6 – Question 3 under the Marketing Applications heading on page 170.
Ch 7 – Question 2 under the Marketing Applications heading on page 192.

In completing this assignment, ensure to number your answers corresponding to the questions within your textbook (ex. 1, 2, 3, etc.) as well as label each section such

as “Chapter number” and “Activity number.”

Type your responses in a Word document and submit it to your instructor via the dropbox “LP3.1 Assignment: End-of-Chapter Exercises.” This assignment is worth 30

points; grading will be based on the following Scoring Guide.
Scoring Guide (30 Points) Rating Scale
15-14 Work meets or exceeds criterion at a high level of competence.
13-12 Work reflects an understanding of criterion with minor misunderstandings/misconceptions.
11-10 Criterion partially met, but one or more important concepts/skills are missing or flawed.
9 Work reflects an attempt to meet criterion, but significant misunderstandings/misconceptions are apparent.
8-0 Criterion not met or work is absent.
1. All questions for Ch 6 Marketing Applications #3 are answered and are accurate. (15 points)
2. All questions for Ch 7 Marketing Applications #2 are answered and are accurate. (15 points)

Part 3 I Customer Behavior and E-Marketing
I ‘I‘ ” 3 produced for ethanol production has soared to 40 percent likely to use when purchasing each of the following
‘l ‘ t i ‘ of total corn production. In addition, the shift to ethanol items. Defend your selections.
I 1 I I 5′ ‘ has taken corn out of the supply chain for the agricultural a. A building for the home office of a light bulb
j ii I 3 feed market, causing an impact on food costs. About manufacturer
I . I 5’ 1 12 percent of corn is used for direct human consump- b. Wool for a clothing manufacturer
1 I l I 3 tion. in the form of cereal and corn chips. for example. c. An Alaskan cruise for a company retreat, assuming
1 g ‘1′ It is much less costly for farmers to produce corn for a regular travel agency is used
I I l : 3 1 ethanol, because it can be produced using more efficient, (I. One-inch nails for a building contractor
3 genetically modified seeds. To plant genetically modified 4. Purchases by businesses may be described as new-task,
I l i L corn for ethanol, the seed costs around $200/bushel. and modified rebuy. or straight rebuy. Categorize the follow-
E the yields are significantly higher than other com crops ing purchase decisions and explain your choices.
I1 because insecticides and herbicides are built into the a. Bob has purchased toothpicks from Smith
III 5′ 1 seed. Non-genetically modified seed produces more rev- Restaurant Supply for 25 years and recently placed
3 v .‘ enue at market per bushel but will have a lower overall an order for yellow toothpicks rather than the usual
I g – crop yield and is more costly to produce. If you assume white ones.
I I I that the non-genetically modified crop sells for S lo.00/ b. Jill’s investment company has been purchasing enve-
bushel and that the genetically modified seed crop sells lopes from AAA Office Supply for a year and now
I I J for $7.00/bushel, rank each of the following variables needs to purchase boxes to mail year-end portfolio
I. l-S. Think of l as the most important variable and 5 as summaries to clients. Jill calls AAA to purchase
1 g the least important. Based on health, environment, and these boxes.
I dependency on foreign energy sources, what would you c. Reliance Insurance has been supplying its salespeo-
do as a farmer purchasing seed for next year’s crop? ple with small personal computers to assist in their
5 > 1 Rate the decision of whether to use genetically sales efforts. The company recently agreed to begin
modified or non-genetically modified seed based on the supplying them with faster, more sophisticated
5 following considerations: computers.
I i a. Safety to the environment 5. Identifying qualified customers is important to the V/
L_ V r b. Ability to control production costs survival of any organization. NAICS provides helpful
i I i . c. Impact on food prices information about many different businesses. Find the D
I i d. Overall health concems NAICS manual at the library or online at
I . 6. Contribution to reducing dependence on foreign and identify the NAICS code for the following items. Dal:
I .5 energy sources a. Chocolate candy bars one
2. Identify organizations in your area that fit each business b. Automobile tires Hi8
market category: producer. reseller, government. and c. Men’s running shoes With
institutional. Explain your classifications. 6. Develop your analytical and communication skills using (I) u
j 3. Indicate the method of buying (description, inspection, the Role-Play Exercises online at his n
sampling, or negotiation) an organization would be most www.cengagebraincom. V 1936,
I ‘ “ Frien.
E . intern
I 1 audio
3 famou
Internet ExerCISe 51:23.7
1 l
t 1 . 2lst ce
Boeing TOG
Boeing is the second largest aerOSpace and defense 2. How does Boeing address some of the concerns of busi- China t.
contractor in the world, manufacturing commercial IICSS CUStomerS? in 2513,
31 and military aircraft. Visit the company’s website at 3. What environmental factors do you think affect demand :1 Dale(
i; _; WVNy-boejngcom’ for Boeing products? employ:
I. At what types of business markets are Boeing’s products ford’ H’
a; targeted?


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