Marketing Project-Kuwait

Marketing Project-Kuwait

read the brief discussion about the possibility that Ryanair would enter the Middle East Market. The Chairman of Jazeera Airways doesn’t believe Ryanair will do this, because its business model would not work on Middle East routes.

Please briefly (max 1 slide) note the difference in business models between low-cost Ryanair and low-cost Jazeera Airways, focusing on how Ryanair’s model would work on Middle East – Europe routes.

Suppose Ryanair does enter the Middle East market, and develops a number of routes, including to Kuwait. Please describe the B2C consumer segment (individual consumers) that is most likely to be interested in flying on to Europe with Ryanair. To understand consumers in this segment well, each group member will need to interview 4 consumers in Kuwait who have visited Europe in the past or are planning to visit in the next year or two. Most of them should fit the target segment you define, but a few should be consumers who don’t show much interest in low-cost airways, so you can see what things are different.

What is the buying behavior toward choosing airlines in the segment that might want a low-cost carrier? (I.e., what are their key criteria for buying flights, how do they learn about flights, etc.)

What brands do they prefer for a Europe trip? In particular, would they be interested in Ryanair if it does open a Kuwait-Europe route? How would they would view the Ryanair brand compared to the major brands on this ?

Recommend how Ryanair could manage its brand image in the segment in Kuwait which is most interested in its flights. How would they need to implement service elements to build a strong brand image in Kuwait? (Be careful that your recommendations are consistent with Ryanair’s likely pricing strategy.) Please justify your recommendations.

Also recommend how a major full-service airline should use non-price measures based on service elements and brand image to hold on to customers who might be attracted to Ryanair’s lower prices. Please justify your recommendations


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