Marketing for Managers

Marketing for Managers
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Below is the description. So it’s 1925 words paper and 15 power point slide from the paper. I have chosen Hungary Jacks as an organisation so please use Hungary Jacks and make 2000 words on only one organisation. Please make sure there is no plagiarism issue, lately I am having issue with plagiarism issue in most of the previous assignments.

Below is a suggested structure to follow which I took from the unit outline and added more depth:

Briefly outline the 1 examples of marketing (whether that be an advertisement, website, social media campaign etc ) and identify the organisations. This approach should be holistic in that you should consider all elements of the marketing strategy that these organisations are undertaking. Examples – i.e. all aspects not just a single thing like a TVC – but i.e. apple watch, packaging, distribution, pricing, PR , apps, Reviews etc. – so you can ascertain the marketing strategy.
Discuss the objectives of such marketing approaches by these organisation – what is the goal? What is their aim? What are they trying to address/achieve?

Discuss how they target specific customers? Consider the STP approaches (or lack of it).

Discuss how their marketing approaches are working within the current marketing environment – do they ‘cut’ through the marketing clutter? Are they market orientented or not?

Consider various aspects of the marketing mix (7 p’s) – which do they leverage well or not?

Presentation: You are to use some form of presentation tool to present your work. You can use or or or Do give it a shot – if it is proving to be really difficult, you can turn to Powerpoint but please do put some thought and detail into it. You are to make this presentation as interesting as possible. Consider using videos, graphics and other engaging material. All the platforms such as prezi, slideshare, wix or weebly support this well. Remember you still have to use in-text referencing and reference your information as if it is in a word document! A reference list will also be required. Students will present their approaches in class on the 12th Jan at 1pm sharp. Time is tight and I require your cooperation to ensure that we go through everything in an efficient manner. I will come up with a presentation order in the next day or so so that you know when you are up. – TBA

The written 2000 words is to be handed in on
As for the multimedia, can you please submit a hardcopy to me before the presentation so that I can make notes and you can have feedback on it? Also, save the soft copy on the desktop so that I can send that for moderation (if yours is selected). You need not print the 2000 words for me.

The Suggested structure (same as the one Belinda put up):

Slide 1
Cover slide including names and ID and class time
Slide 2
Table of Contents / agenda
Slides 3-12
Briefly describe the companies performance (their goal – mission statement), their current objectives and whether they are successful, their STP, competitive advantages if any and a brief review of their 7P’s.

Slides 13
A table stating which concepts (production, product, selling or marketing) the 4 companies use and why? It can be a stand alone slide as it allows you to compare and gauge how the company’s marketing philosophy has aided in their success or the converse may also be true.

Slides 14
The value of marketing and how it benefits the company (essentially this is their conclusion)

Slides 15
References – which you do not need to go through.

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