Marketing for low income people (Gillette Vs Nivea)

Marketing for low income people (Gillette Vs Nivea)

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3. Marketing for low income people (choose a brand and its major competitor)
– Then, write a brief outline for each chosen brand;
– Finally, identify and briefly explain the current major issue/challenge/problematic brand No1 is facing in Dubai.
B) Please provide answers to the following items and questions:
1. Briefly analyze the market related to those brands you chose in general and in UAE/Dubai in particular (opportunities/threats, etc.).
2. How is the market segmented? Respond and justify your answer.
3. What market segment do these brands target? Describe its characteristics.
4. What are the strength and weaknesses of each brand? Explain and justify your answer.
5. What is the positioning of each brand? Explain and justify your answer.
6. What is the USP of each brand? Explain and justify your opinion.
7. What type of marketing strategy did/do they pursue in Dubai/UAE?
8. Choose one product these brands are selling. They shall be competing against each other. Analyze the marketing mix of each branded products you chose. Is it

consistent with the positioning of the brand? Respond and justify your opinion.
NB: In case of a shopping mall, the above is not appropriate. Therefore, you have to synthetically analyze its attractiveness vs. competition (local and

9. Data collection:
– You have to interview a minimum of 15 persons per chosen brand/branded product;
– Strictly follow the guidelines and the questionnaire I gave you;
– Transfer the data on an Excel sheet.
10. Data analysis & interpretation:
– Calculate basic descriptive statistics;
– Calculate scores per variable (I will provide you with the labelling of each variable appearing in the questionnaire regarding specific items);
– Compare the results between each brand and establish rankings;
– Interpret the results and formulate recommendations in line with the problematic identified initially for each brand.
11. Conclude and explain the challenges these brands may face in a near future in Dubai/the UAE.

C) Please strictly follow the format exposed below:
– Structure: the above questions help you to structure your written report. Therefore, answers shall be provided in the same order. Please keep in mind: what is not

correctly defined cant be measured and what is not correctly measured cant be improved;
– Text: 10 pages (excluding title page, appendices, and references), 12 points, Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, APA or Harvard style referencing;
– Good-value-for-money advice: your added-value lies in your ability to justify any choices you will make.


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