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Marketing Ecnomics

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Marketing Research Project Analysis

First, you need to personalize your data file. Download the data file and modify it in the following way. You will have to delete the first x observations (rows), where x is the penultimate (second from the end) digit of your student number. So, if your student number ends with 35, you should delete the first 3 rows. My number ends with 37. If the penultimate digit of your ID is 0, do not delete any rows. You will have to follow the same procedure you used for HW2 to merge the survey file and the data file in order to be able to run the clogit command in Stata.

You should produce a 2-4 page report that contains the econometric analysis of the data and the interpretation of the results. It should start with a description of your task, summary stats, include the formulas for the regressions you are running, the tables with the estimated coefficients (make them nice, not just copies of Stata output), the interpretation of these coefficients, and your recommendations about how the business strategy should be adjusted based on these interpretations. Please submit the excel file you used for your regressions with the report. For all questions related to the marketing project proposal.
Survey 1 (AcadA): You are working for AcadA, a new online learning and tutoring platform where college students can learn from other college students. The content providers will be students who have already received an A in the class they are going to teach on AcadA. The AcadA courses will be based on a corresponding class at UCSD and contain various video, audio, and text materials that will help students prepare for their university classes. Your job is to help AcadA with pricing mechanism. You should analyze the willingness to pay for AcadA courses in comparison with major alternatives (EconTutor and Self Studying). At a minimum, you should estimate a discrete choice utility function of different alternatives that is based on choice dummies and price. You will get more credit as you incorporate various other variables that were gathered, such as the easiness of the course, GPA, income, likelihood of taking AcadA and EConTutor based on price or class satisfaction.

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