Marketing creation plan

Using the sample marketing plans as guides, create a marketing plan that includes:
The following headers:
Introduction and Goals
Target Audience Profile
Communication Objectives and Strategies
Evaluation Plan
Strategy recommendations for marketing the proposed program to your target audience.
Your marketing plan can be in an outline form. A detailed work plan with a timeline for completion is not
required for this assignment.
Staffing Plan Creation
This week, you will also develop a staffing plan for the proposed program. Hiring and retaining qualified
employees is the single most critical determinant of your program’s success. Your staffing plan should identify
positions that are key to the success of your program, delineate the roles and responsibilities of each position,
and determine the characteristics of the ideal or best qualified candidates.
Using the readings for the week, University Online Library, and the Internet, complete the following tasks:
List the staff members required to deliver the proposed program.
Describe the roles and responsibilities of each staff member.

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