Marketing Concepts

Marketing Concepts

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Assessment overview PART B

This assessment task builds on the Marketing Environmental Analysis you performed in part A. This assessment task requires you to produce a Marketing Strategy Report to:
? Demonstrate your learning about marketing concepts covered in this unit and allow you to
demonstrate your level of understanding of those principles
? Analyse the link between marketing practice and marketing theory
? Apply appropriate business report writing skills
? Use the appropriate citation of references and a reference list in your written work
? Practice aligning strategies to your market analysis

Before you start! – Please note that a number of resources on the web provide good examples of what are called Marketing Strategy Reports or Marketing Plans. Have a look at some of them to get a “feel” for a good Marketing plan in terms of contents and lay-out.
? Find your feet
? Innovation & Business Skills Australia

Assessment details for PART B:

1. Create a marketing strategy – The aspects of marketing strategy that you should include are:
? Your recommended target market. Don’t forget to describe how you segmented the
market and how you selected the target market
? How the new business should be positioned – give an overview of positioning theory
briefly and then explain one or more positioning approaches that you think the shop
should follow.
2. Outline the following three elements of the marketing mix:
? Ideas for the products and services that could be offered and how they can be offered.
? Explain the different levels of product and how you think Janet should apply them.
? Pricing – Describe the pricing strategy that you recommend and justify your choice.
? Distribution – Briefly outline the distribution strategies you would recommend. For
example, where would you locate outlets? Would you own retail outlets or offer franchise options?


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