Marketing Concepts

Marketing Concepts

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This assignment requires you to produce a Marketing Strategy Report (2500 +/- 10% words). The report is to be based on the below:

James Baxter is a pastry chef and owns a small bakery in Adelaide. James wants to grow his brand nationally and compete with chains like Pie Face, Brumby’s, Michel’s

Patisserie and Bakers Delight. He has also considered selling through Coles and Woolworths bakery options or creating high end specialty stores like Adriano Zumbo’s.

If you are not familiar with Adriano Zumbo’s business (or perhaps only know his recipes), then this article from Business Spectator

( should assist you.

You will be writing a report for James’ company.

I will provide a report template and this report is to STRICTLY follow this format – Every part if the below should be included in extreme details:

– Executive Summary
– Introduction
– Market Analysis
– Buyer Behaviour
– Microenvironment
– Suppliers and Intermediaries
– Publics
– Competitors
– Macroenvironment
– Key environmental factors
– Marketing Strategy
– Target Market
– Positioning and Competitive Advantage
– Marketing Mix
– Product Strategy
– Pricing Strategy
– Distribution Strategy
– Summary of Recommendations
– Conclusions
– Reference List

On top of this – All relevant tables that are included in the report template being supplied should be filled in appropriately.

Ensure that you:
1. Discuss the buyer behaviour associated with bakeries in Australia
2. Analyse the microenvironment. Who are the relevant publics? Who are the suppliers? Identify who the competitors would be.
3. Summarise the likely competitors, what they offer and who they seem to target
4. Analyse the macroenvironment. What are the society-wide influences on baked goods? Are there demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, or cultural

trends that have, or will, affect fast food consumption?

5. Create a marketing strategy – The aspects of marketing strategy that you should include are:
– Your recommended target market. Don’t forget to describe how you segmented the market and how you selected the target market
– How the new business should be positioned – give an overview of positioning theory briefly and then explain one or more positioning approaches that you think the

shop should follow.

6. Outline the following three elements of the marketing mix:
– Ideas for the products and services that could be offered and how they can be offered.
– Explain the different levels of product and how you think Janet should apply them.
– Pricing – Describe the pricing strategy that you recommend and justify your choice.
– Distribution – Briefly outline the distribution strategies you would recommend. For example, where would you locate outlets? Would you own retail outlets or offer

franchise options?

The report should include and be written in:
*A good source of references should be used – Minimum 17 references
*Clearly and consistently presented, appropriate for business with good fonts, spacing, bullet points, tables, diagrams and images. Very attractive, creative and

original format.
• Professional and good use of vocabulary. Explanations are of a high professional standard.
• No grammar or spelling errors.
• Within word limit.
• Includes cover page, title page, sections and sub- sections with clear and helpful headings.
• A professional ToC, showing well-crafted headings and structure and page numbers.
• Sections are very effectively and concisely introduced and summarised.
• Captures all the main findings and strategies. Well written, encourages the reader to read the full report.
• A very clear, concise and interesting introduction to the report purpose and content.
• Description of three or more market segments. Shows excellent application of ideas from the market analysis.
• Evaluation and selection of target market is well justified and demonstrates excellent understanding of the theories from the unit.
• An original and feasible approach that is consistent with the market analysis.
• The value proposition has been very well stated and is clearly able to differentiate the business from the competitors.
• The strategy for competitive advantage is sensible and well argued.
• Concise, sensible & interesting strategy ideas.
• Strategies are original and creative.
• Show clear understanding of relevant theory.
• Ideas have a solid foundation in the market analysis.
• All recommendations are concisely ssummarised. Presented very clearly and professionally.
• Concise and clear. Provides a strong finish to the document.


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