Marketing Audit and Plan

Marketing Audit and Plan

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For this module, you will complete a two-part assessment.
Part one: Complete a marketing audit
• Review the marketing situation of an existing organisation, product or service. Making explicit reference to appropriate marketing theory, write a marketing audit on
this company
• The marketing audit should be up to 1800 words. Marketing Audit Areas
Part two: Create a marketing plan
• Consider the strategic orientation of the same company/product/service. Based on the theories that have been discussed during the module, identify several key
strategies that your organisation should take and write a marketing plan.
• The marketing plan should be up to 1500 words, as long as the total words for both the plan and audit is up to 3,000 (+/- 10%).

Graded Final Assessment: Marketing Audit and Plan
Note: Please submit one Word file containing both the Audit and the Plan.
Grading Criteria
Select the tabs below to reveal the details of each part of the grading criteria:
Understanding Demonstrated of the Chosen Company: 10 marks
The assignment should demonstrate a good understanding of how the company operates and how the company uses the environment to enhance and deliver the service
experience and affect customer behaviour. You should clearly demonstrate an understanding of the service that is being delivered.
Marketing Audit: 40 marks
You should demonstrate a good understating of your organisation’s product or service. You should include reference to the following areas: the current SBU mission
statement; financial performance of your company; a market overview; a SWOT analysis. This section should not be descriptive but provide a critical analysis of the key
Marketing Plan: 25 marks
This section should identify the logical diversification of expansion strategies for your chosen organisation.
Use of Literature and Theory: 20 marks
Understanding and using academic literature is a key part of the assessment. At least 15 academic peer-reviewed journal articles should be used throughout the
assessment. You will need to use some of the articles from the reading list, so the 15 should be in addition to these.
Structure and Layout: 5 marks
The assignment should be presented using the categories as listed on the coursework handout. The use of graphics/ tables etc. is encouraged to support your analysis.
Remember that these must be referenced.
The specified word count should be adhered to (+/- 10%).

Understanding demonstrated of the chosen company

10.0 pts
Marketing Audit

40.0 pts
Marketing Plan

25.0 pts
Use of Literature and Theory

20.0 pts
Structure and Layout

5.0 pts
Total points: 100.0

Marketing Audit Areas

A complete Marketing Audit will consider the following areas:
• Current SBU Mission statement
• Financial performance
• Market Overview
• SWOT analysis of major products/services/markets

Your discussion may include reference to the following areas:
• Strategic Issues Analysis
o Existing Marketing Strategy
o Market overview
• Marketing Objectives
o STP: Competitive Advantage
• Core Competences
o Brand
o Positioning
• Marketing Mix Effectiveness
o Product
o Price
o Promotion
o Place
o People
o Process
o Physical Evidence
o Marketing Structures
• Marketing Organisation
o Marketing Information
o Marketing Planning
o Marketing Control
o Managing Marketing Relationships
• Operating Results
o Product
o Customer,Geography
o Sales Revenue
o Market Share
o Profit Margins
o Costs


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