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JolliBee is a successful hamburger chain in the Phillipines – a developing market. Identify 5 lessons learned from JolliBee that could inform and guide successful
companies in developing markets as they plan to expand globally.

Please write this as a business assignment and format it appropriately and proof the document. This also means no personal opinion and do not use statements like ‘I
feel’, I recommend. Think: this is going to your boss.

A format should be as folows: Background, the Five Lessons learned and Conclusion

As you write each lesson learned, try to keep the point clear and succinct. You should support the point you are making but in no more than three additional sentences.

The grade will be assigned as follows:

1. For each ‘lesson learned’: 1.5 points (Total of 7.5 out of the 10 points)

2, Revising your pyramids and including either JolliBee’s or McDonald’s pyramid (or both) in your assignment: 1 point

3. Business tone and language use: 1 point

4. Conclusion: 1/2 point (Conclusion should not reflect your personal conjecture or opinion – instead it should be a conclusion based on the Five Lessons Learned)



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