Order Description


Part a
Promotion & Place (Distribution) (PROPLA): Consideration has been given to how these marketing mix components are linked to the target market, with relevant use of
feasible marketing concepts and strategies to explain, justify, and support recommendations.
Part b
Budget/Financials (BUDFIN): Some evidence is provided as to the costs and/or projected revenue for the product.


About the product ( )
– “WithCo is a batched cocktail mix, using only fresh, flavorful ingredients, designed to help you be the better host.” WithCo provides all the mixers provided for a
cocktail in a single bottle, so when making a cocktail one simply needs to add the WithCo mixer, the liquor and ice.

Target market
– Men and women in that 25-35 bracket who work full time who either recently bought their first house or are renting a nice-ish place and invite their friends over on
the weekend for mature dinner parties. They have enough expendable income and free time since they often dont have kids yet and they enjoy drinking alcohol with
friends. WithCo cocktails would be far easier to make than making the same cocktails from scratch and would be a new and exciting way to consume alcohol with friends
in a more mature manner than just beer or wine.

– Marketing Mix – Promotion – we could say that there is a lot of potential within retailers for cross promotion E.G. This Withco flavour goes GR8 with Absolut Vanilla


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