Topic: Marketing

Paper details:

Please answer each question completely by providing relevant examples. There are four questions. Give as many relevant examples as possible.
All responses should be in paragraph format. Double space. I will provide a copy of the questions and my last paper which was similar to this one. Thank you!

1) Is it necessary for a company to initiate a price change? What are the pros’ and con’s for price change initiation? Provide examples.

2) The text describes various techniques for promotional pricing. Pick any one; identify a specific company that has used the approach and evaluate the

3) Customer Support is a key component to managing service marketing. Why do some companies place little emphasis on service excellence? Identify a company that
can improve service excellence. What steps should they take and what would be the impact?

4) Why is “Intangibility” a distinctive characteristic of Services? What can a company do to “tangibilize the intangible”? Provide examples.

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