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Marketing – 2500 to 3000 words
You may select either option 1,2 or 3.

1) Select an independent film which was poorly marketed. You have been tasked with developing an alternative marketing strategy for the film. Identify the specific geographical market/ markets that you will release in and plot the marketing activities that you would engage in. In doing so, assume that you have been involved in the film from the later stages of development.

Chart the marketing activities that you would need to undertake at all stages in the life cycle of the film from initial development to exhibition. In doing so, please follow the outline provided in the lecture during week 4. Include a realistic timescale, information on genre and target audience; you may also make some commentary regarding casting and crew selection.

Although it is not necessary to provide a full budget, please give an indication of the proposed marketing budget and the implications that this will have both in terms of expected box office and extent of the marketing spend.

You may focus on one territory or you may wish to include an indication of the marketing campaign in a number of territories.

You may wish to look at similar films and how they performed at the box office in order to decide on the appropriate budget for your marketing campaign.

You should fully justify the suggestions that you make.
If you wish, you can work on a film that you are currently developing.

2) Identify a film or television show which made good use of transmedia marketing. Analyse the transmedia campaign in terms of the target audience(s), the key creative strategies and consider how this campaign can be of use to other film/ TV marketers when thinking of developing transmedia campaigns. Comment specifically on how independent producers with limited resources could learn from the campaign.

3) Select a film which successfully crowdfunded its production/ marketing budget. Analyse the elements of the campaign in order to offer insight into why this campaign was successful. In doing so, draw on some marketing principles such as target audience, segmentation, brandscape and brand elements.

Please put tables,graphs, charts as much as you can…

Final essays/reports should be 2500 to 3,000 words. You may wish to include information in the appendix related to costings and so on. Please try to limit your use of appendices.

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