Situation: You are a marketing analyst at Fleek Inc. and you get this data file with information

from, a web-based startup that offers culture shaping solutions for businesses wanting

to attract millennials to their workforce. has been around for the last few years, but wants to understand:
1. How they have been doing in 4 markets (Alaska, California, Florida, Washington)
2. How to best allocate their spending moving forward
Goal: Analyze the data provided and create 3-5 slides (Powerpoint) that summarize historical

actuals and your insights about the data, as well as any recommendations you can offer to about their marketing efforts.
you must show all work and formulas in supplied in the excel spreadsheet.
Instructions for summarizing data 2014 and onwards
– Time period: Jan 2014 to Sep 2016
-Use the sample template (green tab) as a basis to summarize Alaska, California, Florida and

Washington information using the supplementary tabs
Assume that tactics/states not in the template can be excluded from the summary
-Look through data and note any missing or odd data and if you have any questions
Examples of odd data: large step-changes or jumps in the data; drastic peaks only in a few weeks of

a time series; impossible data like negative emails
-Create a few powerpoint slides with relevant charts summarizing and noting your insights from the

data, as well as any recommendations you have
-Please show your work and any additional tabs/tables/etc that you use

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