Managing Property Businesses

Managing Property Businesses

Coursework 2


Select a quoted property company or a Real Estate investment trust in which to invest £10,000. Prepare a report of up to 1000 words to describe the reasons for the proposed investment.

Your work must address the following assessment criteria:

1.    Demonstration of an understanding of the differences between these investment vehicles and illustration as to how the success or otherwise of REITS, since their introduction, has affected your decision.

2.    Outline current affairs and news particular to your chosen investment that has affected your decision as well as how the current performance of the property market in the UK and Europe has affected your decision.

3.    Outline how ethical considerations have been incorporated into the company and how this has impacted your decision, or not.


?    A leaflet outlining the various approaches to Alternative Dispute Resolution and a reflection on its advantages in today’s market. (This is designed to assess your understanding of the range of methods available for resolving property disputes).

?    A leaflet explaining the basic principles of negotiation – “getting to yes”. (IT skills again – otherwise hopefully self-explanatory).

You are reminded of the need to correctly reference your work in accordance with the guidance given in the student handbook.

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