managing people and organization – analysis report on team performanc

managing people and organization – analysis report on team performanc

Analyzing Group Performance

For this task, form a group of 2-3 colleagues in class. Amongst your group, discuss various workplace experiences reflecting an issue in group/team performance related

to a topic discussed in class. Each group must select one suitable workplace group scenario (e.g., a committee, a project group or a work team). Ideally, this should

be a work group in which one person is a member.

The ‘owner’ of the issue thus assumes the role of client amongst the group. Colleagues assume the role of consultants engaged to jointly analyze the situation and help

develop a solution to rectify or avoid the issue. Together, you are tasked with preparing a written report for presentation to the appropriate senior manager as the

intended audience.

The workplace group analysis report should address the following sub-tasks:

Sub-task 1 – Client Brief: Write a brief overview of the workplace group and the pertinent issue at hand. This should describe the type of group, its membership and

its function. Then analyze the group’s performance in terms of an appropriate management topic and assess the critical events in its history. This task should then be

‘written up’ in the form of client brief to the consultant/s. In the client role, this brief summarizes the issue/s at hand and the context around which management

decisions should be applied and implemented.

Sub-task 2: Next, using appropriate conceptual frameworks and group diagnostics (supported by relevant scholarly references), analyze the dynamics of the workplace

group in terms of roles, conflict management and group leadership. This task essentially reflects an appropriate analysis evident in both the client brief and

consultant report.

Sub-task 3 – Consultant Report: Identify changes that could improve both group performance and member satisfaction and demonstrate why the changes should be effective.

This task comprises the consultants’ review and recommendations. Focus on ‘actionable recommendations’ … advise the client on what changes should be implemented in

group/organizational structure and/or management processes in order to improve the situation and achieve desired results/outcomes.

Note: The analysis and argument in your report should be supported by relevant management concepts. You are encouraged to consult resources to support recommendations.

Your reference list should contain only those publications you have consulted directly.

Word length: Min 4000 words (not counting executive summary, table of contents, list of references or appendices).


The main purpose and benefit of completing this task in-group is to contribute objective analysis to the performance of the work team. As one member will ideally be

‘close’ to the issue, other group members will be able to analyze the situation with an objective perspective.

It is mandatory upon the central group member to provide a rich perspective about the workgroup dynamics. Consider a range of information about such aspects as:

•    Group members and relative roles

•    In-role skills

•    (Inter)personal dynamics

•    Performance objectives and measures

•    External environment, e.g. support resources, pressure points, etc

Neutral group members should consider their role as an external consultant. Obtain and analyze all relevant information to jointly address the key issue/s and

recommend a relevant managerial solution. Use management theory to support a framework for addressing the key issue/s and adoption of the recommendation.

In the end, your report should adequately analyze the objective issues which were either an impediment or contributor to a successful outcome. Consider the analysis as

‘cause and effect’ … seeking to identify the critical success factors for teams in the future.

Report Structure Details

This report will consist of the following sections:

1.    Opening

•    Cover Page: course name & number; report title; students’ name & ID; instructor’s name.

•    Table of Contents:  automatically generated using headings.

•    Executive Summary: A brief introduction to what the rest of the paper contains. The reader should be introduced to all vital elements of the report within the

executive summary.

2.    The sub-tasks

Each section is very important.  Make sure you provide enough details.

3.    Conclusion

In this section, you will include any final information not already given. You will also restate briefly the key elements of your report. This summary must be at least

½ page in length.

4.    References: Required reference format is APA.


It is very important that you provide outside sources for your report, to support your plans. You must provide at least 5 referenced sources in your report. Preference

will be given to higher quality sources of information such as magazines, newspapers, white papers, etc.

(hard or softcopy both acceptable).  Uncontrolled web content will not accepted.


Required font for this report is Arial 12 point with 1.15 spacing. Use appropriate headings for creating the Table of Contents.

Group analysis report on team performance    Page 4 of 5


Your paper will be graded on content and format.

Content – 75%

•    Executive Summary (10 pts)

•    Sub-task1 (20 pts)

•    Sub-task-2 (20 pts)

•    Sub-task-3 (20 pts)

•    Conclusion (5 pts)

Format – 25%

•    Correct format, clear structure, complete opening section (10 pts)

•    At least 4 references in APA format (10 pts)

•    Appropriate English level (5 pts)


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