Managing Organizations and Leading People (C200)

The following section is designed to help you prepare for the submission of task 2 of the performance assessment.
A. Organization Description
Describe an existing organization with which you have had personal experience and where you have either had direct access to a leader or have been able to observe a leader. Describe the organization’s objectives. The organization can be a for-profit or a nonprofit business, and you may represent any level of the organization (e.g., the team, department, division, or whole) in your analysis.
• You must change the name of the organization and employee names.
• Provide a detailed discussion of the organization.
• Discuss the history and background of the organization.
• Discuss the vision and mission of the organization.
• Discuss the purpose and objectives of the organization. Think of the goals, financial objectives, and strategic objectives of the organization.
• Provide citations where needed.
A1. Leadership Practices
In this section, you will provide specific descriptions of three leadership practices of the current leader. The current leader must be someone other than yourself.
• Provide specific examples that illustrate the practice.

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