Managing Organizational Change – Literature Essay

Managing Organizational Change – Literature Essay

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Assessment 2: Literature Essay (One one chosen Perspective) (individual)
Allocation: 20 %
Length: 1500 words
This task is designed to develop critical thinking, research and reading skills.
You will use a minimum of 6 journal articles from 2010 to current. These must be scholarly peer reviewed journal articles YOU must locate and which relate to your chosen Perspective. In addition to these six journal articles you can refer to other books and journals, internet resources etc.
You will select one of the Perspectives:
• Leadership, Governance & Management
• Sustainability
• Innovation & Entrepreneurship
• Technology (disruptive).
The task is to explain organisational change from that Perspective.
The essay is in two parts. Firstly, use peer-reviewed literature to explain the Perspective (its main ideas). Following this, chose one change diagnosis and one change intervention, explain how they can be applied to manage organisational change sustainable from this Perspective.
• You will need to discuss at least one change diagnostic and one change intervention.
• Use the Harvard referencing system

Marking Criteria:
Perspective literature (clearly explained using Managing Organizational Change literature) 5
Change literature 5
Intervention literature 5
Grammar / Harvard referencing 5 HURDLE*
*Hurdle: Referencing must be eligible to pass. See the Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism policy

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