Managing of Tourism

Managing of Tourism

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Using theoretical frameworks, explain how tourists are different. You should consider for example, travel motivations, expectations and how decisions are made. Using

examples, you should discuss how an understanding of different types of tourist can help in managing tourism destinations.

*Assessment Criteria:
This essay will be assessed in terms of content, style and structure. You will also be assessed on the validity and clarity of arguments you put forward. If you wish

to achieve a higher grade, you must demonstrate your ability to analyse arguments and draw well thought through conclusions. You will also be awarded marks for using a

wide range of up to date literature and for the correct use of grammatical and referencing conventions.

*Structuring your Paper:
It should present a clear argument supported by evidence with a structure that addresses the various components of the topic as you understand them. The paper must be

based on academic research and should not just be your own opinion. It should have be coherent and logical demonstrating evidence of: depth and relevance in your

research process an ability to articulate a range of arguments and ideas, concisely synthesizing the research evidence and using relevant illustration exemplary use of

a range of sources sophistication and originality in thinking

*Examples/Case Studies:
You are encouraged to include brief examples of destinations, data and/or company activities. However, be careful not to provide too much descriptive case study

material at the expense of substantive discussion and evaluation of the principles and issues within your topic.

A note about research and available resources Books are only a small part of the research literature, and you should not rely solely on books for your work. Research-

based journals provide a mine of relevant, peer-reviewed 8 studies, of which you should make good use. The library is very well resourced with
Tourism journals and a vast number of on-line articles can be readily accessed. You should be undertaking a thorough search of relevant journals within Tourism,

including journals such as, but not exhaustively:

Tourism Management
Annals of Tourism Research
Current Issues in Tourism
Journal of Travel Research
Journal of Sustainable Tourism


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