Managing Human Resources and Personal Development

Managing Human Resources and Personal Development

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Managing Human Resources and Personal Development

Referred Individual Assessment 2013/2014

Maximum value of 40%

An individual piece of work in the form of a reflective portfolio

This assessment requires you to review, analyse and reflect upon your learning over the module specifically and course broadly.

Your document should contain a description of weekly activities and an analysis and reflection upon the learning and personal development opportunities.

Your reflection should refer to:
• The “Key Skills for Learning and Employment” from your PDP document,
• Content from other modules of your course or other relevant experience that helped you complete the activity.

You should make reference to the academic literature to support your analysis and reflection.

You will need to write a concluding summary of overall learning outcomes and personal development.

Department of Leadership and Management
BA Business Management

BFO0221 Human Resource Management and Personal Development
Weekly activities for reflection

Activity Description
1 Individual list of skills for employment and learning
2 Group development of list of 10 – 15 priority skills
3 Comparison to Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency
4 Personal SWOT
5 PDP Handbook
6 Preparation for and delivery of demonstration
7 Group development – choice of research topic
8 Research – including library electronic resources workshop
9 Analysis and Evaluation
10 Dissemination of research topic
11 After action review
12 Human Resource Management Activities
13 Line manager responsibilities in HR matters
14 CIPD website podcasts
15 Equality Legislation
16 Case studies on equality
17 Preparing a job description
18 Person Specifications
19 Sources of recruitment
20 Critique of job advertisements
21 Developing interview questions
22 Assessment centre activities
23 Performance Management case studies
24 Job rating exercise
25 CIPD Podcast 25

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