Task 1- (2000 Words)
According to Cohan, Peter S , 2012, p188 “ Aspiring entrepreneurs should look out for big companies in which to train by following the hungry start-up strategy of big companies as start-up training grounds?”.
Using relevant literature critically analyse this statement and examine whether training strategies are useful for aspiring entrepreneurs. Using relevant examples, discuss, debate and substantiate whether the implementation of such training strategies can enable an individual to become an entrepreneur.
Please ensure that your assignment follows this structure:
• A table of contents
• A list of figures and/ or list of tables where appropriate
• Introduction -( 10 marks -300 words)
• Literature Review-& Critical Analysis (70 marks -1400 words)
• Conclusions- -( 10 marks -300 words)
• References / Presentation – 10 marks
• Bibliography
• Appendices if appropriate

Task 2 – Individual Written Presentation 2000 Words-
Develop an effective business plan for launching a new product and obtaining financial and managerial support from potential backers. Explain the key issues that you would highlight and emphasise in a presentation of your business concepts including the questions that you would expect from potential investors and your considered answers to them. Students are also required to submit Ten power point slides of this business plan in the Appendix.

Assessment Criteria, word limit and the breakup of marks

1. Business Description – Should provide the background and history of the business. Also contain the goals as well as the product or services description being proposed. It also discuss the supplier information, agreements and ownership structure and legal considerations. 10 marks- 400 words
2. Business Opportunities – Should contain the potential customer, geographical area, business competitors. 10 marks- 400 words
3. Marketing Strategy – Should present the costing and pricing, sales projection, and marketing plan. 10 marks- 400 words
4. Business Operations – Should include the operational function, services offered, and personnel. 10 marks- 400 words
5. Finances – To include the revenue, expenses, and financial projections. 10 marks- 400 words

Marking Scheme for Task One
Introduction 5 marks 300 words
Literature Review and Critical Analysis 35 marks 1400 words
Conclusion 5 marks 300 words
References / Presentation 5 marks
Total 50 marks 2000 words

Marking Scheme for Task TWO
Nature of the business 10 marks 400 words
Situation Analysis 10 marks 400 words
Marketing Strategy 10 marks 400 words
Operations and Human Resources Strategy 10 marks 400 words
Finances 10 marks 400 words
Total 50 marks 2000 words

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