Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Assignment Title: Managing Financial Resource and Decision Making
You are the Finance Manager of a large public company (you should choose one from large
The company intends to invest into a new project in the near future.
(Life time of the project is 5 years). The finance director has asked you to identify and review
the existing source of finance available to business of the choice of the company and
evaluate the implication of available source of finance in the financial market to obtain to
invest new project. (You should attach as an appendix the financial statements of your
choice of the company)
(This provides evidence of Learning Outcome: 01 and 02: Assessment criteria 1.1:1.2:1.3
and 2. 1 :2 2:2. 3:2. 4)
On your first day in early January 2013, the Directors present you with two management
reports prepared by the departmental financial accountant. You are given the Sales budget
and the cash flow for the twelve months from period July 2012 to June 2013. ‘The first six
months of which include actual sales figures include some variances between budgeted and
actual sales. The directors are concerned about the likely cash deficits shown in the cash
flow as well as sales performance for the particular period. They are also concerned that
they are very unlikely to meet their budgeted sales in the first half of the year July 2012 to
December 2012.
(This provides evidence of Learning Outcome: 03: Assessment criteria 3.1)

{ou are required to:

(a) Analyse the cash flow and the sales budget for the above period and complete the
Sales budget as appropriate.
(b). Make recommendations for improving the cash flow situation with a view to
minimizing the cash deficit or, possibly, generating a cash surplus.


The following information extracted from Westfield company production department about
Product A:

Selling price per unit: £300

Variable cost: £220 A

Fixed cost: £290,000

(i) Explain and evaluate the pricing methods (at least two methods)
(ii) Use the above information calculate breakeven point of volume and illustrate how
changes in selling price(use 5% increase or decrease) would impact on volume
of sales and pricing decision of the product A.

You should explain the calculation of unit cost and make pricing decisions

(This provides evidence of Learning Outcome: 03: Assessment criteria 3.2)

(b) 2

The Management Accountant of Westfield Company has recently resigned and left this post

with immediate effect. You are asked by your line manager to this role. The directors of the

company are considering two alternative business projects. Each of which involves an initial

investment of £200,000. The following information relates to two projects are as follows:

Project – A B

Expected profits

Year 1 80,000 30,000

Year 2 80,000 50,000

Year 3 40,000 90,000

Year 4 20,000 120,000

Estimated resale value at the end of year 4 of each project is £40,000. Profit is calculatet.
after deducting straight line depreciation, the cost of capital is 16%. You are asked to carry
out a full investment appraisal of two projects under the following appraisal techniques

Payback period

Accounting rate of return

Net present value
You should evaluate the above techniques and advice the Directors appropriate techniques
to be used to make a decision on which project in your opinion should be undertaken.
You should assess the viability of a project using investment appraisal techniques
(This provides evidence of Learning Outcome: 03: Assessment criteria 3. 3)
You are asked to analyse and compare the performance of the below financial statements.
Use the data for the two consecutive years, comments on it by making the use of full range
of ratios and also all calculations should be attached as an appendix in your assignment


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