Managing Behavior in Organizations

Managing Behavior in Organizations

Assignment Instructions
Read Chapters 3 & 4 of the Greenberg textbook.
Please complete the Self Assessment Exercise in Chapter 4 on page 130 regarding emotional intelligence.
Read the “You Be the Consultant” case on page 129 “Stressed-out Employees are Resigning.”
Please answer the following questions as you engage in determining the best strategy for this case.
1. Assuming that the employees’ emotions and moods are negative, what problems would you expect to find in their work environment?
2. After completing the self assessment exercise on emotional intelligence and learning about this subject matter, how should the company’s supervisors behave differently so as to get their subordinates to have a more positive experience at work?
3. What organizational stress management techniques would you suggest for this company?

Submit a response to the questions (500-word count). Support the concepts (in-text citations) of the assessment with one scholarly journal article and textbook material. Provide references in APA format with your references.

Book information

Greenberg, J. (2013). Managing Behavior in Organizations (6th Ed.). Prentice Hall/Pearson.
ISBN 0-13-27-2983-0

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