Management of Innovation

Management of Innovation

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There are 6 questions, you only need to pick up 1 out of 6, and the one you feel most confidence

Answer ONE of the following essay questions:

Question 1

With reference to a specific technology, compare and contrast any two of the following three theories on technological change: (a) technology S-curve, (b) punctuated equilibrium and (c) dominant design.

Question 2

Critically discuss what is meant with open innovation? With reference to a specific firm, discuss the extent to which open innovation plays a role in this firm’s innovation process.

Question 3

Explain why most governments and countries have patents. With reference to a specific industry, discuss the motivations for firms to patent. Critically explore how firms’ motivations in your selected industry match the traditional motive, the prevention of imitation.

Question 4

Explain what is meant by de facto market standards. What factors increase the likelihood of a market standard forming? With a reference to a specific industry, reflect on strategies that successful firms adopted when competing in such markets.

Question 5

Critically discuss the availability of external sources of finance for innovation in small businesses in the UK. Focus in particular on the period during and following on from the financial crisis. In your essay make reference to a specific business.

Question 6

Looking at a country of your choice, critically discuss what is meant by a national system of innovation.  Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s system of innovation.

The word limit is 2,500 word

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