Write a report on the application of an information system in a specific business-UBER company.
investigate a particular information system used by it – the system could be an ERP, a transaction processing
system, a CRM system, a POS system etc. The work must include business name, sector it operates in and
system used (therefore custom-built proprietary systems are not allowed). At the very least, the report must
include the problem faced by the company, the software system chosen as a solution and how the system
helped resolve the problem. The report could also include information on costs, implementation schedule,
implementation process or difficulties encountered, possible staff issues faced (e.g. training, redundancy,
ethical), post-implementation performance etc. The approach is that of a short case study.
Critically assess the breadth and depth of IT applications for the purpose of developing Information Systems
Analyse how efficiently managed systems contribute to the value chain and value web of a company
Examine data resources that companies must access to build effective management information systems

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