Management And Organisational Consulting REPORT

Management And Organisational Consulting REPORT

You should choose a topic (ethic, as attached. pls see and read the additional file attached) that is related to the practice of consulting and that has some importance for you.

Parts: (report style, headings applicable)
1. Examine what the academic and practitioner literature says about this,
2. and think about the implications.
3. You should then come to some conclusions about the topic.

You should include a short abstract (or summary of some.

this report would be formatted in an academic style, though it should be accessible (in other words, readable by people working as consultants).

You will be judged by the depth and breadth of your investigation; evidence of critical thinking; engagement with material presented in the course; the quality of the paper’s organization and expression; and your use of the conventions of the writing style you have chosen (including Harvard citation system).

You will be assessed on:
• Conformance
• Writing conventions
• Persuasiveness
• Literature
• Conventions
• Style and structure
• Thoughtfulness
• References

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