Manage Projects

Manage Projects


Project Overview
You are a project manager that has recently been employed by a company and appointed to review their workplace practices. You have been hired to identify any underlining issues that could be affecting the productivity of their systems and processes and ultimately affecting their success. You have to identify an issue within the workplace and implement a plan to monitor the new process or system.

As the project manager your role is to:
1.    Select a Tourist / Travel organisation and evaluate the need and viability of a workplace improvement.
2.    Develop a project plan which could be implemented and monitored, within your selected organisation over a realistic period of time.
3.    As such, it is recommended that you give careful consideration to the scope and level of complexity applicable to your planning.

Need and viability of a Workplace improvement may include:
•    Improvement or suggestions on Environmental/sustainable work practices
•    Improved efficiency of work processes or procedures (e.g. improved productivity, current processes applicable to your workplace)
•    An improvement that uses new technology integrated into the workplace
•    An improvement using different/new equipment
•    Identification and improvement of WHS work practices

The organisation you select may include:

•    A tourism or travel business
•    A section/department within the tourism or travel industry

Part 1 – Confirm Project Scope

As the project manager, you have to identify and implement an identified workplace improvement.  You are required create a scenario or simulation of a meeting (approx. 30-45 minutes) where you would discuss the identified workplace improvement need, as well as its financial viability by discussing;

•    The resources required to fulfill the improvement (human and physical),
•    Project milestones- major milestones applicable to your project
•    Timeframe for completion of the project (known as the project scope)

If you are not working you can base the above on a simulated meeting. You will need to show how others may have been part of this process even if the meeting scenario is simulated.

Based on the discussions throughout the meeting, you are required to agree and confirm all key aspects of the project scope by completing the Minutes of the Meeting template. (Provided on the next page)
At minimum, you must confirm and document the following key aspects of the project scope:
a)    Overview of the improvement need (this must be financially viable and implementable within the workplace almost immediately)
b)    Project milestones (i.e. key stages of the project from start to finish)
c)    Project timeframes (start/finish dates)
d)    Human resources involved (including hours allocated and budgeted cost involved)
e)    Physical resources required (including budgeted cost involved)
f)    How you will evaluate all key outcomes of the project including progress reports and effectiveness and report these outcomes?

Venue location:
Discussion item    Summary of discussions (including agreed scope elements)




(including budgeted costs)

(including budgeted costs)


Part 2 – Develop and Implement a Project Plan

1.    Using the Project Scope Meeting Minutes (created in Part 1) as the basis for Part 2 of the project, you are required to create a project plan which is targeted to a one month period of operations. You may use a project plan template available on the internet providing that it meets the requirements of this project
2.  Based on the discussions throughout the meetings in Part 1, transfer these elements to the project plan and discuss at minimum the below:
a)    An overview of your plan including project objectives and project deliverables in consultation with stakeholders
b)    An overview of the project team (including their position and role)
c)    The nominated project commencement and completion dates (for one month only)
d)    Any risks or associated hazards in regards to WHS in the workplace
e)    Details of the actions required in order of priority and timeframes
f)    Details of those responsible for implementing the actions (human resources).
g)    Details of the physical resources required (e.g. internet access, cost-saving equipment etc.) and the corresponding costs of each if applicable
h)    A summary of the support strategies you will use to ensure all project deliverables are achieved on time including support and morale (e.g. project team meetings)
i)    Details of plans for any deviation (choose one)  from the plan and the measures you would take to assess and implement a plan to ensure objectives are achieved
j)    Details of how you intend to monitor the progress of your project during the month including reports required (if any)
k)    A summary of the communication strategies you will use to keep all internal and external project stakeholders informed
l)    Details of how you intend evaluating the success of the project plan after the implementation period has elapsed (including who needs to be involved in the evaluation). Including effectiveness of administrative, quality and achievement of objectives

Part 3 – Project Evaluation

Based on the project plan you identified in Part 1 and you implemented in part 2 of this project, you are required to write a report evaluating your project plans overall success or failure.
(You report should be a minimum of 700 words)

Use the identified improvement that you selected and analysed throughout Project Parts 1 and 2 and compare with objectives that were set out.
You can discuss the results of the evaluation with the other members that consulted at the planning stage of objectives against the success or failure of the plan.
Ensure you have acknowledged all stakeholders that have assisted in the implementation and evaluation process.

At minimum, your report must include:
•    An overview of who was involved in the project evaluation process and the evaluation methodologies used
•    A summary which compares the actual project deliverables of your plan against the agreed/anticipated project deliverables (including actual costs versus budgeted costs)
•    Copies of all monitoring/progress reports used in the evaluation process
•    A brief conclusion of whether or not you plan was a success (and why)
•    A summary of what worked well in terms of your planning
•    Details of what aspects of your plan worked well and those that should be changed to aid future planning activities (and why)
•    Any identified risks that need improvement or attention
•    Sustainability and regulatory issues that may have affected your plan
•    How deviations were rectified
•    Was your monitoring technique adequate or could it have been improved?
•    Were Stakeholders involved enough in the process or could better communication be liaised and implemented?

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